When should I book my newborn photography session?

We recommend that you book your Newborn Photography session with us after your first scan to ensure a guaranteed slot. If you wait the moment your newborn baby arrives, your Newborn Photography slot may be booked by others. It’s best that you book while you’re still pregnant so we can work a schedule around your due date.

What should I bring to the photography session?

If your newborn baby is formula fed, be sure to bring plenty of formula during your photography sessions. Remember to have enough diapers and wet wipes too. A comfortable newborn baby will have a great effect on your newborn photography picture.

When is the ideal time to have a photography session for my newborn baby?

The best time to have a photo session for your newborn baby would be 4-14 days after birth. This is the stage where newborn babies are still unaware and sleepy at most of the time. This is the perfect moment to capture adorable, peaceful sleeping images of your newborn baby. After 14 days, it’s almost impossible to get your newborn baby into a deep sleep and it is more difficult to get him or her into those scrunchy newborn poses.

How long before birth should I schedule my newborn photography session?

The best time would be 2 months before your newborn baby is due. Please call or email us as soon as you can, upon your newborn baby arrival. This is so that we can quickly set up his or her photography session.

What if my newborn baby comes early or late?

Not to worry. As long as you have booked in advance, we got you covered. Whether your newborn baby arrives early or late, we will make room for you and your newborn baby in our portrait photography schedule.

How long will the newborn photography session last, on average?

The photography session usually lasts from 3-4 hours. These include the time for feeding, changing nappies, cuddling and soothing your newborn baby to make sure he or she is all settled in and sleeping.

What is included in the photo shoot package?

You will get 10 photos including the matching soft copies. Additional hard copies are available upon request with an extra charge.

How should I prepare for the photo shoot session?

We advise that you wear light and comfy clothes for the photo shoot session. Your newborn baby will be naked throughout the photo shoot so we will have the studio heated warmer than normal temperature. This is done because your baby can’t regulate his body temperature yet. Therefore, we have to make sure that he or she is all comfortable when we remove his clothing.

I would like my older son/daughter to be part of the photo shoot session as well, is this possible?

Yes, of course! We will take your kids photos and others first so that your kids can leave earlier with the other parent or relatives. We also have a separate family photo package available where we take pictures of parents together with their newborn baby.

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